Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

For All Buyers & Vendors – A range Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and Answers are listed below.

Who Are CollectiveSpend? CollectiveSpend is a highly professional company with staff whose experience spans over 50+ years in the Global and Regional Public & Private Sector Procurement, Supply Chain and Technology fields. What does the CollectiveSpend Marketplace do? CollectiveSpend B2B Marketplace is a private marketplace, providing business customers with private pricing, selection, and convenience to procure operating requirements with features and benefits designed for businesses of all sizes.

Regionally operating large and medium sized businesses across a variety of industries. Our members range from global Fortune 100 to the largest regional groups of companies. Going forward we are looking to open the marketplace to the SME sector as well to increase volumes

Super easy! We’ve made Buying at Work as easy as Buying at Home and the same ease of use is provided to the suppliers selling on the Marketplace. The suppliers have dedicated access directly to the Marketplace to manage all activities they need to do business on the Marketplace from providing quotes to receiving PO’s to issuing invoices, managing your online catalogs and communicating with the requestors.

The CollectiveSpend B2B Marketplace gives suppliers like you the tools and features needed to effectively sell products and services.

• Access to new clients with no or low competition – this is not Amazon where anyone can start selling. Only a very few selected suppliers are certified and given access to the Marketplace as we want to create economies of scale!

• Business pricing – ability to offer prices only available and visible to the private marketplace business customers. Prices that are lower than your retail prices that are intended to incentivize buyers to purchase in bulk.

• Supplier portal for managing everything from orders and quotes to product and service catalogs and invoices. Communicate directly with requestors.

• Quantity discounts – pricing features that make it easier for customers to buy from you in large quantities, including the ability to request a special price on even larger purchase. Suppliers also have the option to provide campaign prices directly to the Marketplace clients without need for requests from clients.

• Request for Quotation – possibility for you to offer one-time special proposals with catalog and non-catalog requirements.

• Access to guaranteed on-time payments.

• Flexibility to offer client-based catalogs and prices.

All of the orders and customer service are fulfilled directly by the suppliers.

Depends on CollectiveSpend client. Either all invoicing happens through CollectiveSpend or directly between the supplier and client in which case supplier manages the collection process.

All suppliers go through a vetting process to qualify to be included in the Marketplace. As this is a private marketplace, we only approve selected few per category to provide our clients the benefit of the economies of scale through aggressive pricing.

You will also sign a business partner agreement with CollectiveSpend before you are given access to the Marketplace.

There are no fixed fees. All suppliers pay a commission based on the business volume they receive through the Marketplace. No business -> no fees. The commission is a % of the PO value/business made and is detailed in our wider contract with you.

Clients purchasing on the Marketplace have high standards for service & quality. We will monitor constantly your response and delivery times as well as customer feedback and conduct agreed timebound CSM sessions with you.

You can reorder any product(s) or previous carts / orders in the platform by selecting the order or products in a previous order and then adding it to your cart and reordering from there.

You can add or select products from the catalogs and "add them to cart" to create your shopping list to be ordered or you can "add to Wishlist" to create a Wishlist to then order at a later date.

You can put the SKU into the search bar and when the product shows on screen add to cart and then order via the normal cart process.

You can do this via your account and profile section and select the notifications on or off. However we would suggest to keep them on so that you do not miss any vital communications.

You can do this via your buyer view menus and selecting the order menu, from here you can see all orders placed via your cart.