BUYING DESK - What it is and How it works?

CollectiveSpend Tail Spend Marketplace provides organizations a one stop shop ordering to all typical indirect spend procurement needs through online catalogs. For any non-catalog requirements, i.e. products or services you cannot find in the catalogs, organizations have the access to CollectiveSpend's Buying Desk service which can be utilized as an extension to your own procurement team.

The CollectiveSpend Buying Desk expert team looks after all your tactical low value requirements so that your internal procurement team can focus on more strategic needs. Through quick mini-RFP/RFQ’s issued to external suppliers, options will be provided to the requestor for selection and final approvals before issuance of Purchase Order’s through the Marketplace.

To start, you will submit us your detailed requirements through the RFP process (link below). Once received, our team will validate the request (as per your organizations instructions) and communicate with you if any details are missing. Once all details are in place, we will go out to the market, source for potential suppliers, issue the RFQ, negotiate with the suppliers to achieve the best terms & conditions. Once we are confident with the submissions, we will evaluate the options and submit the best for you to check and choose from. After your selection, an PO is raised through the Marketplace and invoicing happens via the CollectiveSpend Payment Platform setup for your organization.

All communication with the requestor for clarifications and updates happens through Marketplace keeping all information in one place. This way we all are in control and aware of the progress of the process.

We utilize our our category knowledge in the fields, plus our pre-negotiated agreement rates can help you unlock savings with very little effort. To conduct the work, we will utilize your existing supplier base as well as enhance this with CollectiveSpend’s suppliers and new suppliers from the market to get the best possible results.

For any questions and clarifications about the service offered, please contact