CollectiveSpend was established in end of 2016 by Joonas Jantunen (click here for LinkedIn profile) with a vision to support organizations in Middle East and Africa procure goods and services in a more efficient way. The focus of CollectiveSpend is with Indirect Spend requirements that are  typically common to all organizations as these enable the actual business operations. The difference CollectiveSpend brings is that instead of every small, medium and large sized company sourcing and negotiating for the same laptops, stationery, cleaning services and other common goods and services, CollectiveSpend would aggregate all of the requirements and use the economies of scale as negotiation power to achieve better pricing and terms and conditions that all our member companies can benefit from.

This concept was trialed during the first couple years of operations on a manual basis and achieved significant financial and other benefits to the initial member companies across multiple spend categories. We then decided to to use this experience as started creating a platform that could scale to manage high volume and value operations which has lead for us to launch this CollectiveSpend B2B Marketplace that provides business customers with private pricing, selection and convenience to procure operating requirements with features and benefits designed for businesses of all sizes. The service is provided through Online Catalogs for recurring needs as well as the Buying Desk service for any non-catalog requirements. Catalog orders are automated while Non-catalog Requisitions will be routed to the Buying Desk team located in Dubai where they will be managed in accordance with agreed protocols. CollectiveSpend monitors and manages supplier performance and renegotiates deals and keeps catalogs updated.